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full-spectrum imaging | commercial & documentary

Silver Dory Productions now provide a large range of imaging services – from specialised full-spectrum motion and stills to traditional commercial photography / videography. As well as our primary focus on 4K / 5K - and soon 6K - motion production and full-spectrum imaging we also provide a range of integrated design, web integration / delivery services - plus consultancy | more details here

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Update Feb, 2014  |  I'm currently moving all commercial production and design under the Silver Dory banner. So the various glen ryan : natural light commercial operations are now being administered through Silver Dory. So commercial booking/scheduling details are now all on this site | details here

Cheers          Glen Ryan | Silver Dory Productions » booking & scheduling

brindabellas | coming in 2014

new | brindabellas

project :  infra-red motion + print collection

This is the main project under production - with stills and motion components currently being finalised - or in post-production. I'll add a heap of info about brindabellas here very shortly - still shooting almost every day at the moment ... so need to catch up a little...

more on brindabellas

But in the meantime there are usually some snippets of news, sample frames, BTS and grautuitous rig shots popping up on the web in a couple of places....

tumblr | out & about, in the field and behind the scenes ... plenty of images
twitter | as above - but with slightly less characters...
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karst country

karst country | the land/cloudscapes of wee jasper

project : infra-red timelapse | more

This short piece was the motion component of the 2013 Karst Country exhibition shown at the BAC in Canberra, Australia. It features the limestone landscapes near Wee Jasper NSW. This is only a very short section of a much larger project - in scope, duration and resolution (4K) - still currently under development in 2014... | more» see also silver dory on Vimeo